Running a business as an artist is no easy feat. Starting out as a graphic and website designer, Steph has more than a decade of experience in entrepreneurship as well as wedding, portrait and commercial photography.

Steph offers mentoring sessions with insightful and actionable advice to burgeoning creatives.




As an Enneagram 3w2 (Achiever with a Helper wing), Steph's desire for YOU to succeed and achieve is a natural instinct.  She can't help but want you to achieve and The Helper in her means that she just truly wants to see you live your best life and get to your goals.

Steph's process in mentorship is about starting from the ground up, and achieving what will bring you the most happiness, through your business goals. Moreover, you won't be getting abstract, fuzzy "next moves" to take, that you then have to figure out yourself. You'll be getting hard and fast actionable steps that will move you in the right direction. 

So excited to grow your business together!


Photo by Elizabeth Messina

xo, Steph

& Public relations




& technical know-how


During this one hour session, we'll dissect your website down and figure out what works, what doesn't and how to refine into a website that flows and attracts. Image Curation not included.


May roll over into additional time ($250/hr) - charged at 30 min increments

+ Showit Edits - $250/hr (Implementation)

Networking is terrifying, but essential to a wedding industry creative's business, that's trying to level up. Going to events like Engage!, Emergence & WIPA, is key, yet, none of it will matter if you can't make the right impression or any impression at all. Get some real advice from a full on extrovert (Strengths finder: WOO) who has gone from a "nobody" to someone other people talk about when she's not in the room. Plus she has a very introverted husband so coaching introverts are her specialty!

Coaching session - $500 (1.5hrs)

Business strategy and technical knowledge in photography and design is what Steph was educated for. Armed with a professional education in journalism, communication AND photography, her common sense advice will get your growing business on the right track. Schedule a session to pick her brain on these topics.

In person / via Zoom

Coaching session - $250/hr


Brand Camp

A powerful four hour strategic session custom tailored to boosting your business in the aspects it needs improvements the most.

Starting with a thorough questionnaire, we'll meet on zoom for 30 mins to go over your business and questionnaire answers and then set up a date for our four hour study session where we work on what your business needs to get to the next level. During this strategy session, Steph is an open book and can cover topics relating to any aspects of running a successful photography business.