From examining the incredible cathedrals in Italy to admiring a show-stopping wedding, she revels in the delight an immersive experience brings, but appreciates fully what it took to get there.

Born and raised in Singapore, she met her husband in photography school in Massachusetts. She moved to the United States when they got married and started their wedding and portrait photography business together in Southeast Mississippi. 

Steph is down-to-earth, vivacious (well, as vivacious as an Asian person can get), charismatic and quick-witted. Her genuine desire to know people allows her to connect effortlessly with anyone she meets. Coupled with a BSc in Communications (Major: Journalism, Minor in PR), her qualifications have set her up perfectly to be an exceptional wedding industry professional. 

Captivated by everything old world, she pushes herself to create imagery that embody these very inspirations. Steph has an insatiable curiosity for how things work. She finds all forms of art inspiring, all types of business and their inner workings intriguing.

On creative days, she dabbles in oil and acrylic painting, personal photography projects, reading about design and exploring halls of art.

Steph G. Bishop doesn't miss a thing -

Chalk it up to being appropriately inquisitive & good instincts. 

Steph spends her days with her husband, Daniel, snuggling their two sweet littles, Sienna (4) & Ronan (2). 

In her
spare time,

Always inspired by her travels around the world, she's in the world of the Renaissance and constantly dreaming of the next trip they are about to set off on in search of the best food and wine.