Unpredictable Imagery on a Predictable day.

Steph views each of her clients as an untold story. In order to tell this story impeccably, she delivers a completely tailored experience for this once-in-a-lifetime milestone.

Steph's decade of photographing weddings coupled with a background in advertising and branding has given her the ability to understand the assignment for each of her clients and deliver.

Her party brides get a BLAST. Her low maintenance brides get a minimal, documentary-style wedding day. Her romantics get the whole nine yards.

With Steph, there is no "style" or label to fit in. Only her inspiring,  original perspective on a momentous day.

A custom experience

Engagement session - A waltz in the street results in a romantic dip for a kiss.

a fresh and beautiful perspective encapsulated in a stellar experience to tell the story of a lifetime.

She has a keen ability to read the room for the best light, the perfect moments and everything in between. She delivers photographs that are polished, but not necessarily perfect.

Through her effortlessly charismatic nature, her couples allow themselves to be vulnerable and open around her. 

Her ethos? Striving for perfection is unrealistic and contrived, but instead embracing life for the moments it brings is what produces truly wonderful imagery.

As a mother of a bride once said, "Oh, if there's something (of a moment), Steph's going to get it."


an empath with vision

Observant & sharp, Steph tells stories with light, beauty and intention.

A sweet moment between Victoria Pratt & Trace Adkins during their ceremony  officiated by Blake Shelton

With ego out the door, she exceeds expectations, through ingenuity & resourcefulness.

On your team, Steph is all-in.

As an incredible art director, she seeks out her clients' vision through her process and works with their all-star vendors to produce stellar, moving imagery that speaks directly to them.

Seeing the unique angle in every moment is key to great storytelling. She pulls back from the obvious on their wedding day to see what makes their story truly special as it unfolds.

art director & producer

A first look between a father and a daughter.

The only way to know what tool to use and when is through exploration and practice. Diving into different mediums of art gives her so much to draw from creatively. In any of her artistic endeavors, originality is of utmost importance to her. If taking risks feeds her creative soul, anything cookie cutter kills it.

At her very core, Steph is an artist, who happens to photograph at weddings. 

Midsummer's Day Dream - Personal project shoot Steph creative directed, produced and photographed with a group of stellar vendors. Click here to see more.

Picking the right medium for the right moment makes the difference between masterpiece and mediocre.

inspired versatility

An image from a personal project documenting cows during her travels. She hopes to one day turn these photos into a coffee table book.