Islands of the Archipelago

When Christine (of The Petaler Co) and I dreamed up this shoot, we knew we wanted to do the shoot on one of the beautiful islands off the coast of Mississippi. There’s something about the beauty of the water and the magic of untouched greenery. In a lot of shoots, we see amazing west coast beauty.  Through this shoot, we wanted to showcase the gorgeousness (both in natural landscape and talent) that Mississippi has to offer!  We wanted show an actual journey so we loved the idea of a boat taking us out to the island, and we also loved that she started out with a boudoir set into her wedding gown.

In this styled shoot, we imagined our bride as a strong, independent woman who has finally met her groom, a man that would enhance her beauty and strength. This shoot represents her journey towards their blessed union, and as she waits for her groom to arrive, we showcased her beauty so that it would resonate with the beauty of her surroundings.

Our bride is an island, on her own right; the loveliness of the island representing the loveliness of her. She loves the natural magnificence of the creation around her, the elements of the earth. A bride with the perfect groom becomes better, blooms fuller, and shines brighter than ever. Now, she has found her groom that enhances her beauty but not stifles it. This is her last swan song before her life changes, admiring the amazing world that she worked hard to create for herself, admiring the landscape that is about to change for the better, so much better, as it changes to include her groom in it.”


So much thanks to this AMAZING team that truly pulled together for a fantastic time –

Creative Direction by
Christine Woods of The Petaler Co + Stephanie Bishop of Starling and Sage
Photography by Starling and Sage
Film Lab – Photo Vision Printing
Floral Design by The Petaler Co
Wedding Dress + Accessories by Ivory & White Bridal Boutique
Wedding Gown Design by Anna Campbell (Sierra)
Ribbon by Silk & Willow
Lingerie by For Love & Lemons
Blush Robe by Free People
Prop Rental by Lovegood Weddings
Glassware by Hillyer House
Boat Rental by Mystic Charters
Videography by Kristy Campbell
Hair and Makeup by Jackie Merlau

StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_001 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_004 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_006 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_007 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_015 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_020 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_021 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_025 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_027 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_030 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_033 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_034 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_039 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_044 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_046 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_047 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_048 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_050 StarlingandSage_IslandArchipelago_059

Editorial, Styled Shoot

Islands of the Archipelago

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  1. Vlad Nagai says:

    Such unique and beautiful photos! Just wow!

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