Stuart + Meagan

Ok, so, there aren’t any magical poofy cinderella dresses in this session, sorry to disappoint. BUT! The love, the romance, the energy – it was, or rather is, absolutely unmistakable between these two. We absolutely loved hanging out with them, and they were seriously so game for anything, it was impressive! I mean, I made them hike down the side of a hill, and she was definitely in a pretty maxi dress. And I can safely say, the shot was totally worth it. The moments between these two were so soft, sweet, lovely and best of all, natural! Enjoy Enjoy this lovely session, we certainly did! Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the end to see the whimsical images we got in the woods, the light was so beautiful!

StarlingandSage-Engagement-0001 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0002 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0003 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0004 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0005 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0006 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0007 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0008 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0009 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0010 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0011 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0012 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0013 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0014 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0015 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0016 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0017 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0018 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0019 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0020 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0021 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0022 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0023 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0024 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0025 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0026 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0027 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0028 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0029 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0030 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0031 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0032 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0033 StarlingandSage-Engagement-0034

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Stuart + Meagan

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