Dreamy New Orleans Wedding Pt 1

So, this gorgeously dreamy New Orleans wedding doesn’t come without an amazing story, of course – First off, let me say this – Bridget and Frank had been together for SEVEN YEARS before getting engaged. Bridget told me this when I first met (we worked in the same building a couple years ago). Ever since she floated into the office with her lavender lilac hair, I knew she was just AMAZING. We were having drinks one night and she talked about a possible engagement in the future and she also said this – “I want you there on my wedding day!”

Now wait for the best part, SHE WASN’T KIDDING!! She called me and was just freakin’ out. And so I was freakin’ out. And that was it. Everything else was just a dream. One of my absolute favorite weddings to date. Everything had a personal touch. And of course, she created this dreamy landscape full of dreamcatchers (she makes them! See here and here) out of a New Orleans Courtyard at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. So many of the little details were created by her and/or for her by the lovely handmade/Etsy community!!

She looked just even more stunningly ethereal (well she does that already just in normal clothes) in her BHLDN dress, the website that I will buy my own vow renewal dress one day!

Alrighty, this is just part one, enjoy!

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StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0001 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0002 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0003 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0004 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0005 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0006 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0007 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0008 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0009 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0010 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0011 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0012 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0013 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0014 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0015 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0016 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0017 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0018 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0019 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0020 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0021 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0022 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0023 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0024 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0025 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0026 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0027 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0028 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0029 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0030 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0031 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0032 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0033 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0034 StarlingandSage_WeddingPhotography_NewOrleans_0035

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Dreamy New Orleans Wedding Pt 1

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