Luminous Bridal Portraits / Jessica

Jessica said, “Steph, what haven’t you photographed? For my bridal, just do what you want.” When people say that to us, it’s a HUGE deal. Why? Because as much as people view us as artists, brides usually have an idea and a vision of their own. And you know what, this is their bridal portrait, so the way they feel is absolutely valid and we work really hard to interpret their vision with our spin on it. But, it’s requests like Jessica’s that make our hearts sing, because we get to think out of the box, to create the images that we want. And she was the most beautiful and perfect subject to bring my vision to life. It was a dream. It was a luminous dream of silky light and floral beauty. Enjoy.

StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography002 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography003 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography004 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography005 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography006 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography007 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography008 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography009 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography010 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography011 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography012 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography013 StarlingandSage_HattiesburgBridalPortrait_WeddingPhotography014

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Luminous Bridal Portraits / Jessica

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  1. Love you guys 🙂

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